Basketball Game at the Aldeheula Sports Centre in Salamanca

Some of the students here in Linguaschools Salamanca really love basketball, so we decided to organize this activity to play a game together and have a little fun after the Spanish class.

The guide and the students got together and walked for around 30 minutes to this great sports centre called La Aldehuela, to get warmed before the big game. To play together is the perfect excuse to grow confidence and to get to know your classmates in a safe environment.

The game was super fun! We lost track of time and had a blast altogether.

When we finished playing, we went to one of the many bars and restaurants inside Aldehuela to eat and drink something to recover from the game.

Our students loved the facilities, here you can practice all kinds of sports while enjoying beautiful surroundings. That’s the reason why the Aldehuela is the most popular among locals!

A lot of people of all ages were there; enjoying a beautiful day out, having something to drink, or doing sports. We spent an amazing day as well, and can’t wait to do it again soon!

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