What’s on in September in Barcelona?

Are you in Barcelona in September to learn Spanish with us but you wonder what you can do in your free time? Although there will still be a lot of things different this summer, you won’t be bored for a moment! Here are some cool suggestions…

(All events in this blog post observe the COVID-19 security measures.)

  •  La Pedrera Night Experience: If you’re into Gaudí’s artwork you can’t miss the opportunity to discover Casa Mila during the magic of the night. You can take a nocturnal guided tour of various spaces, ending with an amazing experience on the Warrior Rooftop, with a glass of cava! During the tour, you will also be able to watch a number of audio-visual presentations, culminating in the video mapping of the Roof-terrace of Gaudí’s building, which makes the most of the remarkable architecture of this space to take you on a journey back to the origins of life. Take a look at the ticket price on the official website.

  • Visit Museums: The museums are open with a 70% capacity. ¡CCCB, MACBA, Picasso, Joan Miró, Cosmo Caixa are worth a visit!
  • September 11th: the National Day of Catalunya is a day-long festival in Catalonia, which commemorates the fall of Barcelona in 1714, during the War of Spanish Succession. For many people it is a simple celebration of their Catalan identity, but many others use the occasion to express their political feelings, with peaceful protests to demand independence from Spain. Although many shops are closed, it is indeed a nice day to take a walk in the city on a sunny Saturday, enjoy the festive atmosphere, taste some local food, visit a museum or go to see a concert in Arc the Triomf.

  • Vamos a la playa! Any time you’re dying from the heat, remember that you have the whole coast of the city at your disposal! La Barceloneta, Llevant, Nova Icaria… there are many beaches where you can go and sunbathe, swim, have some drinks or just chill with your friends next to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Watch “Cantando bajo la lluvia” (from September 15th): The most famous American musical comedy by Gene Kelly and Sanley Donen (Singin’ in the rain) takes place at the Teatre Trivoli. Cantando bajo la lluvia is a theatrical production full of sensibility, optimism and of course numerous incredible dances. It’s about a love story set around the transtition from silent to sound films in Hollywood. If you love musical theatre and are ready to watch the play in its Spanish version, it is definitely a must. You can find the tickets for 18-40 € on the website.

  • Take a ride on the Gourmet Bus Barcelona: this special bus offers you the chance to enjoy a panoramic visit throughout the most emblematic places of the city (Torre Agbar, Ciutadella Park, Casa Milà, Sagrada Familia…). At the same time, you’ll savour a menu of haute-cuisine designed by the famous chef Carles Gaig. The bus has a comfortable design inside and also an iPad to check and listen the information during the tour, in 11 languages! You can find more information about the schedule and prices on the web.
  • Get to know more about maritime adventures: the exhibition “T barcos, 7 historias” in the Barcelona Maritime Museum shows 7 maritime stories and characters from different periods, which invite you to know how humanity has responded to many challenges throughout history in order to dominate the sea and build the world that we live today. The exhibition, which has models of historical vessels like the famous Santa María de la Victoria, addresses many universal issues like the discovery of the world, the sea as a scene of conflicts or life aboard an ocean liner. Tickets are free every Sunday after 15h.

  • A little bit more about the Olympics: the Juan Antonio Samaranch Olympic and Sports Museum hosts the temporary exhibition “Tokyo 2020. Sport as a means to change the world”, specially focused on sports and the Japanese history and culture, as well as the sports newly incorporated to the Olympic program. The exhibition is free with entrance to the museum.
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