A beautiful hike by the Guadalhorce river in Málaga

We like to enjoy a great day outside in Málaga with our students, this is the reason why we took them to this highly recommended activity. This hiking route through the mouth of the Guadalhorce river is an unforgettable experience you don’t want to miss.

This beautiful route combines the view of the river mouth and the new footbridge over the water.

The adventure starts by taking bus number 7 from Alameda Principal, in the city center of Málaga. This bus leaves us in Sacaba, where the route begins.

From there, we should walk about 2 kilometers until we cross the new footbridge over the Gudalhorce river. The footbridge has 270 meters long, which means it is Europe’s longest pedestrian walkway. You can also go through it by bike!

The mouth of the Gudalhorce river is a small area of 67 hectares, southwest of the city, where the Gudalhorce river forks into two arms, forming an alluvial delta in which there are some small lagoons. The area is currently delimited by the two channels of the river.

After crossing the footbridge, we went to see the lagoons, which are a shelter for many birds. There’s actually an observation post from where you can see the different birds that inhabit the area: it is awesome!

After the observation post, we continued our hike to the beach and went through the Málaga area called Guadalmar, from where we took the bus back to the city center.

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