An unforgettable climb to San Antón mountain

We like to take the students at our school to great places around Málaga. This time we went up San Antón Mountain, located in the east of Málaga, in a neighborhood called El Palo.

The route starts from Juan Sebastián El Cano avenue, where the Jaboneros stream is located.

San Antón mountain is made of three mountains, two of them of a very similar high. The highest has 507 meters, the following, where the cross is, has 491 meters, and the smallest has 372 meters.

This is a very famous mountain in Málaga. It is known as the “Tetas de Málaga” because the two main mountains have the shape of women’s breasts.

The length of the climb to the foot of the mountain runs between the houses in the area, which is one of the most expensive areas to visit in Málaga.

Once we reach the top, we can find the popular Cross of the San Antón Mountain, from where we can appreciate amazing views!

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