Why Michelle is having her private Spanish lessons in los Jardines de Viveros

Meeting new cultures, exchanging opinions, and practicing Spanish in an international environment are just some of the many advantages of learning in a group. But what about those students who prefer to learn Spanish in a more individualized setting?

The private Spanish classes that Linguaschools offers allow students to customize the classes according to their personal motivation and fully cover their linguistic needs. This way, students can focus on a specific area or topic, as well as reinforce those aspects of the language in which they don’t feel fully confident.

Individual classes are a great way to learn Spanish fast and effectively. Michelle, our beloved student from the Netherlands, combines group classes with private classes, allowing her to consolidate her knowledge and make the most of her stay in Valencia. In fact, last week, Michelle and her teacher María enjoyed a wonderful outdoor Spanish class in the Jardines de Viveros.

If you also want to learn Spanish in Valencia and enjoy your Spanish classes to the fullest in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, check out our wide variety of courses. We’ll be waiting for you!

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