Federico García Lorca: The Birth of a Theatrical Revolution, Granada

Besides being famous for the Alhambra, the University and its exquisite tapas, Granada is the birthplace of several renowned personalities.

Federico García Lorca (1989-1936) was one of the most prominent poets of his generation, as well as the most notable poet from Granada. However, he wrote more than just poetry.

The Butterfly’s Evil Spell was the first play written by Lorca to be released. It was on March 22, 1920, at the Eslava Theater in Madrid. This work was carried out by a group of cockroaches, a scorpion, and a butterfly, all of them interpreted by puppets and Lorca considered this work to be the European symbolist tradition. Later, he began to perform with real actors, but it was a failure.

At the Federico García Lorca Center, from November 4 to January 31, 2021, we can enjoy the exhibition Federico García Lorca: the birth of a theatrical revolution (100 years since the premiere of “The Butterfly’s Evil Spell”). It’s articulated in five different spaces where we can see the evolution of the Granada poet since he left Granada, his entire journey in the Spanish capital and the evolution of this play in theater. The exhibition consists of 75 pieces, some belonging to the Center, and others on loan.

More information on the website of the Federico García Lorca Center. You can also visit his birthplace in Fuente Vaqueros, a town just 20 kilometers from Granada.

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