Granada Gastronomic Tapas Contest

Granada is one of the best cities to go for tapas in Spain. Tapas from Granada have always been famous for their large size and because they are free when you order a drink. However, nowadays there are more and more consumers with dietary requirements, and bars have had to adapt to the new trends. As a result, now there is a wide range of options for all types of public (vegetarian, vegan, etc.).

On top of that, the tapas have been refined to the point that now there’s the Granada Gastronomic Tapas contest that takes place in the city. In this contest, they choose the best three tapas to demonstrate the excellence of Granada’s products and cuisine. The winning tapa will be sent to the Official Spanish Tapas and Pinchos Championship that takes place in 2021.

So, from September 8th to 26th, we will be able to enjoy the XII Granada Gastronomic Tapas contest where 51 bars and restaurants will compete for this award while delighting us with delicious food.

Remember that Linguaschools Granada organizes Tapas Tours periodically
so that students can get to know each other and practice Spanish while enjoying some great tapas.

You can see the list of bars and restaurants in the competition here and download the map of the bars and restaurants in the competition at this link.

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