Online Spanish classes are here to stay

At Linguaschools we are at the forefront of educational innovation. That’s why we’ve had to adapt to the new situation generated by the pandemic. Over the last few months, we have brought many of our classes to an online format. Although in most countries some restrictions have eased and many students have found their ways to our Spanish schools in Spain and Latin America, it’s clear that society has changed and people are aware that Spanish lessons by Zoom is most probably the next best thing after in-country immersion classes.

So, even though our schools already offer face-to-face classes, we continue to offer online classes. That’s right, online Spanish classes are here to stay! This way, you can study Spanish from anywhere. You just need an internet connection and a desire to learn a new language.

With this option of face-to-face and online Spanish classes by Zoom, at Linguaschools we seek to reach as many students as possible so that everyone has the opportunity to learn Spanish regardless of where they are. Students can choose the type of classes they like and best suit their schedules.

We currently offer both individual and group classes for all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), as well as specific classes to prepare students for any of the two official exams offered by the Instituto Cervantes: DELE (all levels) and SIELE. Besides, our teachers are duly qualified in the preparation of these exams and are also examiners for all levels.

In both individual and group classes, we use the best and newest online applications to facilitate the learning process and make it more enjoyable for the students. On top of that, we ensure that they practice the four basic language skills: listening, reading comprehension, speaking, and writing.

To learn more about both our face-to-face and online Spanish classes by Zoom, you can request information at Linguaschools. What are you waiting for? The best time to learn Spanish is now!

Linguaschools Spanish courses in Spain