Practice Spanish after class in Valencia

The best thing about living an experience learning Spanish abroad is, without a doubt, the people you meet. They are the ones who make learning more fun and the whole experience unforgettable.

Even years after completing their studies, many of our students have great memories of our school and their classmates, after having shared many unique moments with them.

Did you know that at Linguaschools Valencia we receive students from more than 80 different countries? From the first day, we organize activities so everyone can learn more about other cultures. That’s why the students always meet very interesting people with whom they can practice Spanish and explore the city in their spare time.

Recently, one of our students from Kazakhstan wanted to celebrate with his classmates one of the most popular holidays in his country. It was a super fun afternoon in which the students not only practiced Spanish but also got to show their culture and some traditions from their home countries. It was a wonderful experience that they will remember for a long time!

Thanks to our students for proactively proposing such enriching initiatives for everyone!

And what are you waiting for? Sign up for our Spanish courses and join our cultural activities and exchanges. You will learn Spanish and have an unforgettable experience with us!

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