What’s on in July 2020 in Barcelona?

Are you coming to our school in July to learn Spanish but you wonder what you can do in your free time? Although there will be a lot of things different this summer, you won’t be bored for a moment! Here are some cool suggestions…

We will keep adding new proposals for you, so come back regularly!
(All events in this blog post observe the COVID-19 security measures.)

    From 2 July until 30 August (Thursdays to Sundays)

  • Sala BCN, open air concerts at the Montjuïc CastleThese two months of summer you can enjoy open air concerts on top of the mountain Montjuïc, cool breeze, great view, amazing music. They open at 20:00 and the music starts at 21:00. Tickets are available online (€13,50). Check out the website for more info.

    July, August and September

  • Nits del Primavera
    Primavera Sound festival has a new proposal for this summer. Late night concerts, with limited seating, at Parc del Fòrum, the usual setting for Primavera Sound.
    They have announces a long list of artists who will participate in Nits del Primavera during the next months of July, August and September! Visit the festival’s official website to find out about tickets, dates, times and news.

In the month of July

  • GREC Festival: International theatre, dance, music and circus festival. Shows for everyone, in venues and in museums during the month of July. The Grec 2020 will be a local, spiritual festival, committed to its artists, full of magic and taking a subtle look at the links between Barcelona and Latin America. More info.

From 26 June until 30 September 

  • 30% discount at Hospital Sant Pau: It’s time to go out again. It is time to enjoy one of the most magical spots in Barcelona. Welcome outside. Breath in Art Nouveau! You can visit Hospital Sant Pau this summer with a 30% discount on your entrance ticket. Really worth going here during you visit to Barcelona. The big garden, the amazing ceilings, every tile is an art piece! Check out their website for more info and tickets.

    Until 2 August 

  • LIVE IN MONTJUÏC. Memories of a forgotten shanty town (photo expo): From the collective memory of the former shantytowns, the exhibition highlights the history and the role of shantytowns in post-war Barcelona, and in particular, the reality of the shantytowns located in the Montjuïc mountain.Throughout the 20th century, Barcelona became a magnet for many people wishing to improve their quality of life. It was a city undergoing constant transformation, where work and opportunities were readily available. This resulted in great waves of migration to a city where it was easier to find a job than it was to find a place to live.The lack of sufficient housing for the waves of migrants who moved to the city during the 20th century meant that shanty towns became commonplace. This presented the city with a serious problem: although the authorities strove to eradicate these slum settlements, to a certain extent they also tolerated them, due to the fact that the labour provided by the slum-dwellers was beneficial to the city’s development.Check out opening hours and more info here.

    Until 27 September

  • SISTERS in La Virreina (photo expo): Barbara Hammer (Los Angeles, 1939 – New York, 2019) is one of the most influential figures in American experimental and activist cinema. Including eighty-three films and a great number of photographs, drawings, performances, collages and installations, her autobiographical work is a record of how lesbian and feminist dissent has been formulated from the late 1960s to the present day.

    This exhibition covers the fifty-year career of Barbara Hammer, one of the most influential voices in American experimental and activist cinema. It is the first retrospective exhibition of her work in Spain. For more info, check the website.

    In July and August 

        • Second hand market: For those who want to safe money this summer but still buy new clothes or decorations for your house…the second hand markets organised by Two Market start again. Markets named as “Todo a 1€” and “Give’me 5!” can’t disappoint you. Some are in the open air and others inside. Check their websites for dates, places and more info.

      From July to September

        • Fes Pedralbes: This summer the music will not stop playing at the Pedralbes gardens because there is FES PEDRALBES, the cultural event that will fill Barcelona with music and gastronomy. It is absolutely worth it to go at least to one of the concerts, because of the beautiful garden, a wide space, in the open air, in touch with nature and with a historic appeal all concerts feel extra special. Make sure you have some drinks before you get into the festival because they are very pricey at the festival itself and you can’t bring your drinks to your chair.
          Make sure you will get your tickets in advance. Jardins de Pedralbes,metro Palau Reial (L3). Check the website for more info.

      From 3 July every Friday and Saturday

        • Monumental Club: Monumental Club is a cultural festival that brings together live music, DJ’s, a market and gastronomy in an emblematic and unique space of the city: La Monumental, the last place in Catalonia where bullfights were held until 2012. So a great opportunity to see the ring from inside. They have adapted the festival to the new normality with 10 dates  from July 3 to August 1, every Friday and Saturday from 19:00 to 01:00. To continue enjoying live music outdoors, they have programmed 30 local groups and DJs for a small audience. The evening will be accompanied by the gastronomic proposal of Casa Xica, which will prepare a selection of dishes inspired by quality street food. La Monumental, Gran Via de les Corts Catalans 749, metro Monumental (L1). SoundIt Plaza (see below) also takes place in La Monumental.

      Every Thursday in July and August

      • CosmoNits: Cinema nights to ensure you don’t run out of outdoor movies this summer! Every Thursday during July and August you can enjoy the best science and fiction outdoor cinema at CosmoCaixa. The CosmoNits 2020 will cover such exciting topics as body transformations, manipulations of the brain, body and technology, cyborgs and multiple realities. Entrance to the CosmoNits (€6) includes admission to the museum, the temporary exhibition and the film! More info here.

    From 5 July every Sunday until 2 August

          • SoundIt Plaza: Concerts from 17:00 to 23:00 in the open air. A sound journey in which DJs will surprise us with jewels from their record collection from a booth located in the center of the plaza that will distribute sound towards the 360º of the arena. The new festival format works through a table reservation system to enjoy the session with your group of friends. The representative of each table must buy tickets for his entire group, which must be a maximum of 10 people. For security reasons, the capacity of the square will be very reduced. Tickets are on sale for € 12. More info here. This festival takes takes place in La Monumental just like Club Monumental (see above) Gran Via de les Corts Catalans 749, metro Monumental (L1).

        July and August

        • BUS Terraza: BUS is a terrace located in Parc del Fòrum, right next to the Mediterranean Sea! You food and drink are prepared in a red double decker bus parked next to the terrace. Not only good food, drinks and live music, also the place to dance! Go and visit this unique spot when you can. Check out their instagram to see the program.

        • Every day from 17:00 to 00:00 Weekend 12:00 to 00:00

          • Camping bcn: No its not a camping where you can put your tent, its a Chiringuito in park del Poble Nou with a nice green field in front. Sit down and relax, have a vermouth or borrow a basket ball and try to throw an Air-ball on the basket ball field next door. Camping, Carrer de Carmen Amaya 18, metro Llacuna (L4).
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