Linguaschools Barcelona review: Anjelika from Kazakhstan/Canada

Anjelika Reznik (24) was born in Kazakhstan, then immigrated with her family to Israel. And after a couple of years they immigrated to Canada. From the age of 10 she started doing rhythmic gymnastics with her twin sister. When she was 14 years old she won a bronze medal at the first ever Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Then in 2012, she competed at the London Olympic Games. While she was training, she finished her University degree in political science. She is still competing to this day, when she has free time she likes to spend it with her family and friends. She loves to travel whenever she get’s the opportunity. She also likes coaching and occasionally hosts master classes.

We met Anjelika in September 2018 when she joined the absolute beginner intensive 20 course. Since that time she keeps coming back to Linguaschools Barcelona and she is now at level B2! We talked with her about her experience at school, the city and what she does in her free time.


Why did you decide to learn Spanish?

I moved to Barcelona because my boyfriend decided to do his MBA studies at ESADE. I’ve never learnt Spanish before and decided to give it a try. Spanish is a useful language to know around the world. I also like Spanish music, so knowing this language would help me understand the lyrics. Finally, it was a great way to meet people and do activities organized by the school.

Barcelona is a beautiful city with an amazing cuisine and it’s by the beach. Also, it is much warmer than Canada and I’m not a huge fan of cold winters.

How is your Spanish level improving?

I went from knowing nothing at all to achieving level B2. For me it was never about the level, but more about learning how to orally communicate with the teacher and classmates. It was also difficult for me to be able to continue where I left off in my level because I would have to travel back to Canada. I’m on the Canadian national team for gymnastics, so I would go back to train with my team, compete, and then return to Barcelona to study. I would have to do this several times within a span of one year.

How do you experience your time at Linguaschools?

I really like the school! I’ve tried several Spanish schools in Barcelona and this one is my favourite. For me the learning environment has to be pleasant and Linguaschools is very beautiful and has a nice outside patio where students can mix and mingle. The students tend to be very outgoing, friendly and social. I really enjoyed the teachers as well.

What do you do at Linguaschools besides the lessons?

I joined many activities hosted by the school. Some of the activities I’ve done are yoga, watching a flamenco performance, learning how to dance flamenco, visiting Sitges and its nice beach, getting a tour of Barcelona, sangria Monday, and calçots cooked by the school. After class my friends and I, we usually like to grab lunch together and we sometimes go out for some fiesta on the weekend.

Which are your favourite spots to visit in Barcelona?

Visiting Sagrada Familia is definitely my favourite, even if its just admiring it from a distance. The area around Plaza Catalunya is where I like to do my shopping. I love to try going to new cafes and restaurants, but I do have a few favourite spots.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us Anjelika. It is great to be able to welcome you back so many times in these past 2 years! Hope to see you again in spring or fall this year.

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