Dance class in Salamanca

Many of the students that come to Linguaschools Salamanca not only want to learn Spanish but also get to know other aspects of Spanish culture. Therefore, we usually organize activities in which students have to actively participate while they learn more about the foods and customs of our country.

On this occasion, a group of Australian students was interested in learning Latin dances so we took them to a dance class. After some warm-up exercises, the teacher taught them several movements of salsa, bachata and other types of very popular dances in Spain. In Salamanca, there are many bars and clubs where Latin music is played, so it’s very useful to learn some dance steps.

It was a very fun afternoon in which the students had a great time. Now they just have to apply what they learned on the dance floor!

And what are you waiting for? Come study with us at Linguaschools Salamanca and participate in our activities.

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