Linguaschools Barcelona review: Aitalina from Yakutia, Russia

Meet Aitalina (26), she comes from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)She likes reading books, dancing bachata and salsa, cooking, listening to music, playing volleyball and watching series. Before she came to Barcelona for 6 months, to learn Spanish and have a taste of the Spanish culture, she worked for an IT company as head of Sales department. 

Aitalina started last November with the intensive 20 course at Linguaschools Barcelona in the beginner level and is now in the level B2.2 intensive 20 group course! We had a chat with her about how she is experiencing her time at our school and in the city, she also explains us how she is able to continue with her course during the lock-down.


You come from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)?

Yes, almost nobody knows about this place but it is the largest subnational governing body by area in the world at 3,083,523 square kilometers (6 times bigger then Spain!). The entire federal district lies within the easternmost part of Asia and covers the territory of the Russian Far East. It is also known for its extreme and severe climate, with the lowest temperatures in the Norhern Hemisphere being recorded Verkhoyansk y Oymyakon regular winter averages commonly being below −35 °C (−31 °F) in Yakutsk (The lowest temperature recorded there was −67.8 °C (−90.0 °F).

Why did you decide to learn Spanish?

I always wanted learn a second foreign language and Spanish is very useful because it’s the second most widely spoken native language on the planet. Also I think it’s a very beautiful language and I like the Spanish culture.

Why did you decide to learn Spanish in Barcelona?

I’ve been in Barcelona 2 times for my vacations and I love the city.  When I first arrived in 2018, it was Barcelona´s architecture that made me fall in love with it. 

How is your Spanish level improving? 

I started my study in Linguaschools on 18th of November 2019 with level A1.1 and now I’m on level B2.2 in 5 months.

How are you experiencing your time at Linguaschools?

I love Linguaschools. I love the quality of education, teachers, location, the staff, activities and I like people who come here to study Spanish. I met dozens of interesting people during my study here.

What did you do at Linguaschools besides the lessons? 

At the beginning I’ve been participating almost in every activity organized by the school, like pintxos and tapas tours, medieval festival in VICyoung wine festival, amigo invisible, etc. For all of amazing pastime I would also like to express my great appreciations to Liesbet (the activity organizer).

Which are your favorite spots to visit in Barcelona? 

My favorite spots to visit are the Sagrada Familia, The Parc Güell, The Gothic Quarter, Montjuïc and La Playa del Bogatell.

How do you find the online lessons during this stay-at-home period?

Despite the current situation, the school was able to organize online classes so that we could continue our study. Of course it’s not the same like “live” classes. But according to the situations we are doing good. Many thanks to Tony and Julia, you are the best!

Besides studying Spanish, what kind of other things do you do, now that you have to stay at home? 

I spend my time with my boyfriend, doing sport, cooking, watching Spanish movies etc.


Thank you very much for telling us about your life and experience at our school Aitalina! We are very happy that you are studying with us. Your enthusiasm really helps creating the vibrant atmosphere that we have at the school.

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