Linguaschools Barcelona review: Patrick from Germany

Hola, my name is Patrick. I´m from the south of Germany; near Stuttgart. In my free time I go to the gym, I cook healthy food or chill with friends. In the summer I drive my motorbike very often. I studied 3 years Business Administration and graduated in October 2019. 

After I graduated I decided to take a break. So I came to Barcelona. Why Barcelona? In my opinion, this city is a very multicultural and open-minded place with a good infrastructure, lots of bars, restaurants, shops, an easy and cool Mediterranean vibe – and of course … there is a beach! And in the winter it isn’t that cold like in Germany. So a lot of reasons to stay for a long time in Barcelona.

When I planned my trip I asked myself “Hey what do you want to do the whole time in Barcelona?” I always had the dream to speak fluently Spanish – so I did some research for Spanish classes and I found Linguaschools Barcelona. 

I booked 16 weeks (4 months) of group lessons. The first week was hard because everything was new and unknown and I didn´t understand that much in class (I was an absolute beginner – so no previous knowledge). But after the first month, my Spanish increased and I understood more and more. At the end of the four months, I could easily talk (yes I still make mistakes – but I lost the fear to talk) in Spanish and explain myself, what I’m doing here and what my plans for the future are, etc. So don´t be afraid in the first weeks – a new language needs time … “poco a poco” like the Spanish people say.

Would I recommend a stay at Linguaschools Barcelona? Definitely yes!!! Linguaschools Barcelona is a perfect place to learn a new language and to explore a new city. The teachers at school are very friendly and motivated to teach you their language. The classes are most of the time very funny and you learn a lot of new things there. Outside the classes, the school offers different activities. Join those activities! – the organizer Liesbet is (almost like) a local, so she knows all the cool places in town. And during those activities you can connect easily with all of the other students who aren’t in your class.

Besides the school you can make trips to the hotspots in Barcelona (Park Güell, Montjuic, Monsterrat, Sagrada Familia) also as a group by yourselves. Don´t forget to check out all the different clubs. There are a lot of clubs in Barcelona. When you make trips as a group of friends (for example to clubs) you create a cool community around you and that improves your stay in Barcelona so much. 

My favorite spots, which I can definitely recommend, are first: the bar “La Ovella Negra”. That was our pre-drinking bar before clubbing. It is an easy atmosphere there with very international people but also Spanish people and the prices are fair. Second favorite spot is the club “City Hall”. We had a lot of good nights there. Third favorite spot is Park Güell. Go there to watch the sun set. Grab some beer or wine and sit down on the top of Park Güell and watch how the sun goes down over Barcelona. 

In sum, I would definitely do this stay in Barcelona in the exact same way again. I learned a new language; I made a lot of new friends from around the world and I had so many unique experiences.


Muchas gracias for sharing your story with us Patrick. Your enthusiasm en laughter filled up the school with happiness! We hope to see you again, maybe pass by on your motorbike in the future?

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