How to find a room or apartment in Barcelona?

Even though taking classes in your home town is a good start, the best way to learn Spanish is to do a course in a Spanish speaking country. And the best part is that not only will you learn a new language but also get out of your comfort zone and have an unforgettable experience.

Nowadays, the labor market around the world is very competitive so working or studying abroad and speaking different languages will help you improve your CV and stand out from the crowd.

Barcelona is one of the most popular options for foreigners who want to learn Spanish. A beautiful beach, great weather, numerous festivals, vibrant nightlife, and unique architecture attract millions of people a year from all over the world to Barcelona.

However, this popularity has one big drawback for those who want to move here: finding accommodation. If you want to come to Barcelona to work or study at our Spanish school or study at one of the great Universities in Barcelona, finding a room or a flat can be a headache. Even though many companies offer accommodation, there are some dishonest ones out there.

That’s why to avoid hard times and enjoy your time in Barcelona without any worries, you should prepare all your paperwork in advance and book your accommodation through trustworthy platforms or firms. Of course if you study Spanish with us, we can book a quality shared apartment or a host family stay for you.

In this guide, we will have a look at some of the best companies to find a room or flat in Barcelona. They all have excellent properties and a great reputation so you can choose the one that offers what you’re looking for.

Best companies to find a room/apartment in Barcelona

OK Apartment Barcelona

Since 2004, OK Apartment Barcelona has been providing accommodation services for short, medium, and long term rentals in Barcelona. Their mission is to offer travelers quality accommodation at affordable prices and help them make the most out of their stay in the city.

They offer a selection of over 2260 apartments dedicated exclusively to monthly rentals and more than 200-holiday properties. Regardless of where you are from, you won’t have any problems communicating with them as their team speaks several languages.

All the flats and houses that OK Apartment Barcelona provides are verified by them to make sure that they are handed over in perfect condition. Additionally, they offer a 24-hour assistance service for emergencies and free apartment visits.

It’s worth noting that OK Apartment Barcelona does not rent bedrooms, however, they have a lot of experience working with language and master students, and graduates who come to Barcelona for an internship.

Housing Anywhere

Founded in 2009 in Rotterdam, Housing Anywhere is an online platform for mid to long-term accommodation that aims to facilitate the process of finding your new home when going abroad.

They provide information about each property’s availability, amenities, photos, videos, floor plans, translated descriptions, and neighborhood guides so you get a better idea about the area you want to move to.

Additionally, Housing Anywhere verifies each landlord before publishing the properties and provides customer service in several languages. This allows you to safely book your new home while still being abroad.

This platform has more than 1300 listings in Barcelona and it currently operates in 50+ countries and 400+ cities around the world. It also has partnerships with over 130 universities making it a popular choice among students.

Barcelona Home

Founded in 2006, Barcelona-Home provides its customers with a wide range of services from short and long-term accommodation to leisure activities. Their main goal is to offer the highest level of service and to meet all their clients’ wishes so they can enjoy the city to the fullest.

With more than 1500 properties in Barcelona and Catalonia, Barcelona-Home has options for every type of traveler and budget: shared apartments, student rooms, vacation rentals, monthly or yearly rentals, villas, and properties for sale.

Additionally, they donate part of their income to charitable causes: they give food to help people in need and they also support a program that encourages young people to become entrepreneurs.

Barcelona-Home also has a multinational team that speaks several languages, offers a tourist guide for independent visitors, and many discounts for services in Barcelona.


ShBarcelona has been offering real estate services in Barcelona since 2000. They specialize in monthly rentals, as well as in long and short-term rentals, and sales.

Their main goal is to offer quality accommodation and personalized services to help tenants in their search for housing. This way, tenants save time and can make the most out of their stay in Barcelona.

ShBarcelona has more than 2000 furnished and fully-equipped apartments, lofts, and penthouses, located in the best neighborhoods of Barcelona. Moreover, all apartments are equipped with WiFi.

Apart from being a real estate services company, ShBarcelona also has a popular blog with useful information for foreign students and expats. The Sh Group not only shares their professional experiences about the city’s real estate sector but also different plans and activities to enjoy Barcelona. So, whether you are looking for an apartment in Barcelona or Madrid, or if you just want to discover these cities as a foreign student or expat, ShBarcelona is an excellent choice!

GV Living

GV Living is a company specialized in renting bedrooms. Since its launch in 2015 in Madrid, they have expanded and currently offer 700+ rooms in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

Even though anyone can rent with GV Living, most of their customers are students and young professionals looking for a centrally located bedroom at a fair price. All their rooms are fully-furnished with a bed, desk, and wardrobe, and their properties have a fridge, cooking gear, and WiFi. Additionally, they provide a weekly cleaning service in the common areas of all the apartments.

GV Living provides photos and information about each room’s availability, features, and address.

Finally, they have experience working with both short and long term stays and their support team speaks both Spanish and English.


Created in March 2014 in Madrid, Spotahome is a mid-to-long-term online booking platform for non-vacation home rentals. This means that you can book a room or apartment online as long as it’s for over 30 days.

The Spotahome team visit each property, take professional photos, design floor plans, record high-definition videos of the property and neighborhood, and also write descriptions about them. This way, you can find your home 100% online regardless of your age or professional status.

Spotahome eliminates communication and language barriers with local landlords as they offer customer support in several languages.

Spotahome has nearly 7000 properties in Barcelona and is also present in Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Milan, Rome, London, Dublin, Brussels, Paris, and Berlin.

Have you booked a room or apartment with any of these companies? Please tell us your experiences in the comment section below.

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