What’s on this week in Barcelona: 09 – 15 March

No plans after your Spanish course in Barcelona? Coffee tasting, “Paisaje Barcelonés” expo, What the Foc and much more…

Monday, 09nd March

  • Visit the Encants Market: When you don’t have much money to spend but you still need some new decoration for your piso, this is your market! Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8:30 until 15:00 the vendors stall out their stuff under the huge mirror roof of the Encants market. Don’t miss the biggest flea market of Barcelona! You can find everything here, antique, vintage, new. Mercat dels Encants, Avenida Meridiana 69, metro Glories (L1).

    Tuesday, 10th March

  • MUV concert: MUV is a multi-instrumental music ensemble that uses sign language for collective improvisation. The set consists of 1 director and 8 musicians: Guitar, bass, Battery, percussion, Sax, Trumpet, Keyboard, Beatbox. In addition, we will have a DJ musicalizing the band’s intervals and a ping pong table, making the venue an ideal space for dance and play. Tonight at 20:00 at La Rubia Teatre, Carrer de Ferlandina 29, Metro Sant Antoni (L2).

Wednesday, 11th March

  • Breakfast and Coffee tasting: COFFEE LOVERS | upcoming Wednesday at 10:30 we are having breakfast together with our guests who will bring us very nice coffee to taste – The Coffee Cult There will be some coffees on sale at the event so having some cash at hand could be a good idea. The Coffee Cult is an online artisanal coffeeshop connecting coffee lovers in Barcelona to amazing artisanal coffees from the best European Roasters. This morning at 10:30 at Depot Lab Barcelona, Carrer del Bruc 149, metro Verdauger (L4).

    Thursday, 12th March

  • “Paisaje Barcelonés” expo by Veronika Rudez: Veronika Rudez, born in Sarajevo in 1980, is graduated in Fine Arts in the Emily Carr University of Art and Design of Vancouver, Canada. After graduation, she redirected her creativity from two-dimensional imagery to clothing and she built a successful career working in the film industry. In 2016, she moved to Barcelona and she decided to shift her focus back on painting.
    “My current paintings are based on everyday observations of life in Barcelona. During my three years living here I am constantly being reminded of the often unnoticed and unadvertised facet of this city, the architecture and its people. As we get more used to receiving filtered information and imagery through social media, I am compelled, more than ever to pay attention to the more intimate side of everyday realities.”
    Tonight at 20:30 at Artte, Muntaner 83C, metro Universidad (L1 and L2).

Friday, 13th March

This event is postponed due to prevention measures for the Coronavirus (Covid-19). They look forward to announcing a new date soon.

  • Booking.com Careers Open Day: Your travel career starts here! We’re holding two Customer Service open day recruitment events at our Customer Service office in Barcelona.
    Our customer service teams help guests and partners solve all sorts of problems – from navigating locations to negotiating last-minute changes. In our diverse and vibrant office spaces, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded tech-savvy travel lovers from across the globe. So you won’t just be connected to the world by your phone – it will be all around you.
    You’ll get the chance to peek behind the scenes of our global customer support network, learn more about how our international teams work together and what exciting opportunities await when you join. So register today! More info here.

Saturday, 14th March

This event is postponed due to prevention measures for the Coronavirus (Covid-19). They look forward to announcing a new date soon.

  • What the Foc: A barbeque festival, two days, friends everywhere, music, a big park, a lot of barbecues and grilled food for all tastes. This is What the Foc! Chefs from all over Catalonia, Argentina, Peru, Australia and the USA. Spectacular barbecues and different techniques. Stroll, take a look and enjoy the food that comes from the fire that you like the most. Today from 12:00 to 24:00 and tomorrow from 12:00 to 20:00 at Parc de la Torrassa, metro Torrassa (L1) Free entree, but you can also reserve a table with food and BBQ.

    Sunday, 15th March

    This event is postponed due to prevention measures for the Coronavirus (Covid-19). They look forward to announcing a new date soon.

  • The Calçot Festival: The Calçots are back! The 5th Edition of the Calçot Festival is today from 11:00 to 19:00 in Parc del Clot (c. Escultors Claperós s / n). Calçotada Popular, mercado, vermouth, tapas, second hand market and the best soul music.Dj’s Line up by House al parc: Dadame – Pau Roca – Marc Gimeno – Tupinamba Sound**IMPORTANT INFORMATION***
    1. Sale of tickets for the calçotada in Autochthonous (c / Rogent, 24. L-V from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:30 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00) Payment by card only.
    2. Calçot menu: 10 Calçots + sauce + bread + bib: € 9.
    3. There are 1000 tickets of calçot and there is big and various gastronomic offer!


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