Spanish class at the Mercado San Agustín, Granada

Being in a classroom studying for many hours can be a bit boring, so in Linguaschools Granada we regularly take the classes to the street. We go to different parts of the city so that students can practice what they have learned and we also mix students from different groups so they can make new friends even if they do not share the same class or level of Spanish.

This time, we visited the Mercado San Agustín, located a few minutes from the school. The students worked in groups and had to talk to shopkeepers and customers to learn about Spanish, Andalusian and Granada cuisine. Additionally, the students made the most of it and bought typical products such as oil and custard apples.

It has been a fun afternoon that students will remember for a long time. What are you waiting to enroll in our Spanish courses and come to study with us at Linguaschools Granada?

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