What is a ‘Pionono’ and where to eat it?

The pionono is a typical sweet that is handmade daily in Santa Fe, a town very close to the city of Granada.

It’s a small candy that was born around 1850. Its name is due to Pope Pius IX (Pio nono according to Italian pronunciation) of which its creator Ceferino Isla González was a great devotee.

The pionono can be eaten all year round, usually accompanied by a coffee or an infusion. It has a very spongy texture, a very peculiar flavor and the best of all is that all the ingredients used in its preparation are fresh and natural.

The pionono consists of three parts: a thin sheet of rolled sponge cake, a sugar filling, and a top of cream that’s toasted with a blowtorch.

The piononos are made first thing in the morning, and they’re immediately served to each of the bakeries of Casa Isla de Santa Fe and Granada. They usually come as an individual cupcake, cake or ice cream flavors.

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