Tapas Tour around Granada

Spain is synonymous with tapas, small portions of free food that are served with your drink. Granada is one of the Spanish cities where bars serve the largest and most delicious tapas in the whole country.

But where does the name “tapas” come from? The first record of tapas dates back to 1903. The word has its origin in the top that was once placed on the jugs and glasses so that the air didn’t spoil the wine. Over time, these tops were transformed and became portions of food.

Since then and until today, in Granada we like to meet with friends and go for tapas, which has become one of the cultural features best known to foreigners who visit us.

Therefore, at Linguaschools Granada we organize tapas tours so that our students get to know typical bars of the city, try some tapas and make new friends.

Do you want to come to our tapas tour? Sign up for our Spanish courses and join us!

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