Horchata tasting in Valencia

At Linguaschools Valencia, apart from learning Spanish in our classes, the students can put the language into practice in the events we organize. In fact, one of the things we like the most is to hold events in which students can meet each other and socialize.

In Spain, we like to spend time with friends while enjoying a traditional Spanish dish or drink. Therefore, this week we took advantage of one of the breaks between classes to organize a tasting of the typical Valencia drink: the horchata.

Horchata is a milk-like drink that comes from chufa. It’s usually quite sweet and drunk very cold, so it’s an ideal beverage for the hottest days of summer. In Valencia, horchata is a very special drink and there are places where only horchata is served (horchaterías). It’s usually accompanied by fartones, some typical Valencian sweet rolls.

It has been a fantastic experience in which students have been able to enjoy Valencian cuisine and practice Spanish. What are you waiting for to sign up for our courses and come to enjoy all the activities?

Remember that on the 25th of this month we’ll carry out a new tasting of horchata at the school. More information here.

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