Flamenco Workshop in Valencia

If you visit Spain, you can’t leave without getting to know the culture of the country. Art and passion are two of the most distinctive aspects of Spanish culture and both are found in flamenco, the best known local dance worldwide.

Flamenco is a dance that comes from Andalusia (southern Spain). However, it has evolved over the years and it’s become a characteristic Spanish dance. In fact, there’s a great variety of styles such as alegrías, seguiriyas, tangos, etc., which demonstrates one of the main essential characteristics of flamenco: the fusion of cultures.

Flamenco is internationally known for both its music and its dance, and feelings such as love, joy or sadness are openly expressed.

At Linguaschools Valencia we believe that learning Spanish not only involves attending classes but also to be immersed in the local culture. Therefore, this week we organized a flamenco workshop in which our students learned both the culture of this typical Spanish dance and some dance moves.

It has been a unique experience to practice the language and get to know the local culture in a relaxed and fun environment.

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If you happen to be in Granada, you may be interested in our flamenco and guitar courses.

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