Surf and beach in Montañita, Ecuador

To make the most of the sun and the beautiful summer days, at Linguaschools Montañita we organized a getaway to Las Tunas, a lovely beach located in the Machalilla National Park on the coast of Ecuador.

We met with the students at the school at 9.30 and took a van while listening to the song “Vamos a la playa” on the radio. The trip took less than an hour and the reward was priceless: the beach was very quiet and we only had to share it with palm trees and pelicans.

After a week taking classes and practicing, we were eager to show what we had learned so as soon as we arrived we took our boards and went surfing. It looked like a scene taken from a movie: the blue water of the sea, perfect waves, the sun shining in the sky, and the pelicans flying over us.

At 13h in the afternoon, we paused for lunch. We ate typical Ecuadorian dishes such as grilled fish in peanut sauce with rice and patacones. Everything was delicious!

After lunch, we surfed some more, played volleyball, soccer and sunbathed on the beach. Before sunset we went back to Montañita and went to a jacuzzi to relax after a tiring day. However, we still had energy, so at night we went to Cocktail Alley and drank the best cocktails for only $ 3 each.

After we finished our drinks, we enjoyed the night dancing salsa and reggaeton in different bars. The perfect end to a wonderful day!

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