Argentina Independence day – Linguaschools Buenos Aires

If you are in Buenos Aires or planning to go these days you can prepare yourself for a loooong weekend of celebrations because of the Independence day of Argentina.

The Independence Day of the Argentine Republic is celebrated every year on July 9th, having its origin in the commemoration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence of Argentina, on Tuesday July 9, 1816 (declared in 1941 as a National Historic Monument). By which the country proclaimed its political independence from the Spanish Monarchy and also renounced all foreign domination.

The day is celebrated by patriotic events such as speeches, parades and military demonstrations. If you go to Avenida de Mayo you will definetley find large groups of people enjoying the day’s celebrations.

Many Argentines will be celebrating with family and friends. It is a good time for families to get together to eat, drink and socialise during some traditional Argentine asado (BBQ). So if you stay with a host family….Buen Provecho!

Next Monday July 9th you have to get out there, practice your Spanish and celebrate Independence with the porteños (locals of Buenos Aires)!

And if your conversations with the locals didn’t work out the way you would have liked to…check out our school in Buenos Aires, our teachers are looking forward to teach you more Spanish!

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