Carnaval en Cusco

Carnival is known all over the world as an annual feast filled with color and tradition. It is celebrated by everyone…children, youth and adults join in the play.

Indeed in Cusco it is the raining season, but it doesn’t stop the people to celebrate it and have fun in the streets.

The day of the compadres opens the festivities.  On this special day the compadres visit each other to bring a warm greeting.  They all get together to share a lunch and celebrate their ties.

Following tradition, from early in the morning, you can discover rag dolls hanging on light posts.  These dolls represent the compadres.  The same custom is celebrated on the day of Comadres, the following Thursday.

Then…comes the main day of Carnival.  This feast takes place the first Sunday after Comadres Day.

From the early morning the streets of Cuzco is full of people celebrating.  They prepare buckets of water and lots of water balloons ready to soak anyone who crosses their path. They also have trees decorated with gifts, where the couples and singles can dance and can join to cut the tree.

The celebration is held amidst laughter, water, colored talcum powder, foams, and of course a lot of noise and pleasure.

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