Our Spanish school in Santiago, Chile

Our Spanish school in Santiago, Chile

Why study in Santiago?

The city of Santiago is settled between the Andes and the Pacific which makes it the perfect base for trekking, climbing, skiing, sunbathing, or wine tasting. Chile’s sprawling capital city is cultured, unpredictable, and very ambitious.


Santiago is an incredibly modern city. It is the capital of Chile and has undergone steady economic growth over the years. In many neighborhoods around the city, high rise buildings line the streets (especially in Las Condes), there are dozens of shopping centers, and beautiful cafés can be found on almost any street corner. However, Santiago still has some extraordinary culture and old architecture. Many historical buildings (from the Spanish colonial period) have been destroyed from the country’s frequent earthquakes, but some great places to visit to soak up some culture. The city is a wonderful place for strolling, and each neighborhood has its unique flavor and tone. Head out for the day to take in the museums, grand architecture and pedestrian malls of the Centro, before an afternoon picnic in one of the gorgeous hillside parks that punctuate the city’s landscape. Nightlife takes flight in the sidewalk eateries, cafes and beer halls of Barrios Brasil, Lastarria and Bellavista, while as you head east to well-heeled neighborhoods like Providencia and Las Condes, you’ll find tony restaurants and world-class hotels.


Linguaschools Santiago has experienced and certified professionals. Our team of experts is committed with engagement for your goals and we offer high quality for maximizing your international investment. Our experts are able to speak at least 2 languages and have lived and worked abroad. Our phonetics workshop allows our students to improve their pronunciation throughout a dynamic and entertaining way. A Spanish teacher in our school always leads the workshop.

With 25 years experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Chile, we know what your learning process makes successful: communication and interaction. All courses have up to 7 students per classroom, allowing you to boost your language learning and to promote this in extra curricular activities outside of the classroom and we are guided by the teaching methods of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).conseil_europeOur school offers you the possibility of free indoor & outdoor activities around Santiago . If you are practicing, you are learning. Our courses include weekly extracurricular activities that are free of charge for all of our students. We offer salsa classes, excursions to different points of interest in Santiago and after school Spanish grammar courses. The courses are designed to combine what you have learned in the classroom with real life situations in Chile. We love teaching and travelling and that makes the whole difference! We share the same passion for learning languages, travelling, making new friends and to contribute to the global interaction and cultural understanding.


Spanish courses in Santiago de Chile

We offer many different options for Spanish courses in Santiago. All courses run Monday to Friday and are taught in different levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. You can either learn Spanish in a group, individually or a combination of the two, the so called intensive 20+10 course.  Groups are very small, usually 3-5 students, maximum 7.


We invite you to the cultural neighborhoods of Santiago, together with a Spanish teacher, to practice your Spanish within a fun and dynamic activity and to visit unforgettable places in Santiago. If you are practicing your Spanish, you will learn faster and more effectively.  As a student at Linguaschools you will receive discounts for weekend trips in Chile accompanied by professional guides. From Monday to Friday you can meet our tour guides at the school. She will explain the day and weekend activities. We offer for example a half-day trip by car to the 4 best-known ski resorts near Santiago de Chile: Valle Nevado, El Colorado, La Parva and Farellones, we hike up the Glaciar El Morado, which has an altitude of 3200 m, we visit the famous vinery Concha Y Toro Winery or we take you on a tour through the valleys of Casablanca and Curacavi toward the Central Coast and many more. Here you get an impression of our trips.


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