Trip to Quito in Ecuador

Last weekend was a long weekend in Ecuador and we took this opportunity to organize a special school activity from our school in Montañita and went with our students for a weekend trip to Quito.

After a bus ride all night we arrived in Quito where we took a taxi to the hostel. We arrived early in the morning so we had some breakfast, some people already explored the city a little bit and when everybody was ready, we went to the teleferiqo. This is a cable car that takes you all the way up to 4 km. From the mountains next to the city you get an awesome view of the city. We were really lucky that it was warm and sunny our first day, so we made a lot of photos on the top. Everybody walked around and took photos and when we all got a bit tired (it is hard to walk around at 4km height, not a lot of oxygen) we went dow again. There is an amusement park at the bottom of the teleferiqo where we walked around it for a bit and took afterwards the bus to Mitad del Mundo.

The teleferiqo


Mitad del Mundo

It was a lot further then we thought but we made it in the end. It was still nice and sunny, so we walked around a lit bit, made a lot of photos again and took the bus back. We were all super tired because we didn’t sleep much on the way to Quito, so when we got back to the hostel everybody took a power nap. We already talked to an old student, who is living in Quito to meet up with us here, so our group went to dinner with her in the center of Montañita. After dinner we were all still super tired so we went straight to bed.

The next morning after breakfast in the hostel we went to Otavalo. Otavalo is a town 2 hours from Quito where they have the biggest market of Ecuador. If you want to buy crafts and llama sweaters this is the best place to shop! We spend about 4 hours on the market and everybody bought nice souvenirs. When we got back we had a really nice dinner.


Everybody was super hungry, we went to a Mexican place close to the hostel and everybody was really satisfied after that meal. After dinner we went to the volunteer house the girls are staying we met the day before and had some drinks there and after we all went out. We were a huge group of mostly Europeans so every bar wanted us inside. I think in total we were with more than 20 people. Some people only went out for a little bit and some had a hard time the next morning.


The old with first picture: La basilica and second picture: Plaza grande

One of our students went to buy tickets back in the morning, but it turned out even more people wanted to go back from Quito. In the morning all tickets during the day were already sold out to Guayaquil. And only passport numbers weren’t enough this time, we needed the actual passports to buy tickets. When we met everybody again at the hostel, we explained this and decided all to go to the terminal and hope we could still buy a ticket. We said goodbye to a few students who were going to stay in Quito and went to the bus terminal.  When we got there Guayaquil was completely sold out, but in the end we found enough tickets in the same bus to Manta and we could take a bus from Manta back to Montañita. It took us all night and morning, but we made it back and didn’t have to stay an extra night in Quito.

Even though most bus travels weren’t going as smoothly as we hoped it was still a very nice weekend.

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